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    You want to learn how to teach English online and get paid and how to be a good online English teacher

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    You want to teach English online with no experience and how to teach English online effectively

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    You will learn how to maximise the use of modern technology and engage ESL students in learning English using Skype™.

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Learn to Teach English Online via Skype

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    Instructor Bio:

    Following over 30 years working in business I changed my career path and reinvented myself as a Teacher, teaching English as a Foreign Language. I obtained my TEFL qualifications and have now been teaching for over 8 years both online using Skype™ and in face-to-face lessons. I am successfully teaching to a very wide range of students across several continents. I specialise in Business English but happily teach people with any English learning needs. I have assisted many students to successfuly pass a variety of English proficiency exams to gain employment with European or American organisations where English was the language of choice. The response to my teaching style is very positive and results in regular referrals of new students. I have also built up a small network of suitably qualified teachers to work with me as my business continues to grow. My approach and style can be adapted to suit students young or old from any country or nationality.

    Henry Cassidy

    Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

Teach English Online - Course Curriculum

  • 01
  • 02
    What do I Need to Start Teaching English Online?
    Show details
    • Equipment and Setup
    • Teaching English Qualifications
    • Getting Started
    • Review of Teaching Material
  • 03
    Learn to Plan Your Online English Lessons
    Show details
    • Simple Lesson Plan
    • Sample Lesson Plans
  • 04
    Alternatives to Skype
    Show details
    • How to use Zoom
  • 05
    Before You Start Teaching English Online
    Show details
    • How to Get ESL Students?
    • The Benefits of Offering Trial Lessons
    • Is Homework a Good Idea or Not?
    • Guide to English Language Proficiency Tests
    • Mid-course Evaluation
  • 06
    How to Teach More Than One Student
    Show details
    • Sample Group Online English Lesson
  • 07
    How to Optimise Your Teaching Time
    Show details
    • Learn to Optimise Your Teaching Time
  • 08
    Online Teaching Administration
    Show details
    • Administration and Invoicing
    • Additional Income Potential
  • 09
    How do I avoid possible pitfalls?
    Show details
    • Dos and Don'ts
    • Common Teachers Mistakes
  • 10
    Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?
    Show details
    • Questions and Answers
    • Some Final Tips to Make Teacher's Life Easier

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